DeGray Lake State Park Trails

One of the great joys of the DeGray Lake Resort Park is the opportunity to take a hike along scenic trails that meander along the lake shore and through the forests. Visitors are invited to hike on their own or join a guided tour.

Park rangers take their responsibility to preserve the beauty of the area very seriously by enforcing rules along the trails. Biking and automobiles are not allowed, and hikers are asked to refrain from touching the lush greenery, rocks and wildlife found on the pathways. The hiking trails all a mile or less and are classified as easy, with the exception of Towering Pines Trail which is classified as easy to moderate.

Pine Forests and Wading Birds

The .5 mile Chickadee Trail is described by a visitor as a nice little stroll through the pines and along the shore. The trail starts near the office and tennis courts, and offers views of the waterfowl and wading birds common to the area.

An After Lunch Walk

The mile long Island Trail starts at the entrance to the DeGray Lake Resort Lodge, making it the perfect path for a leisurely walk after lunch. The Island Trail takes you through hardwoods in the forest canopy, providing a you with the chance to appreciate solitude and the beauty of the park.

Bird Watcher’s Delight

The .75 mile Green Heron Trail provides the finest bird watching opportunities in the entire park. The trail starts at the Visitor Center and offers a wildlife viewing station. Keep your eye out for waterfowl and eagles.

A Brief Walk through History

The .25 mile Saginaw Historic Trail stretches along a narrow gauge railway bed that was used for lumber at the turn of the last century, around 1900. This trail can be used as a shortcut to DeGray Lake.

Spectacular Dogwoods

The easy to moderate .5 mile Towering Pines Trail loops through a mixed hardwood and pine forest at the edge of the lake. If you plan a visit in the springtime, you may want to time your visit to coincide with the gorgeous dogwood trees that bloom along the trail.

Located at:

DeGray Lake Resort State Park

2027 State Park Entrance Road

Bismarck, Arkansas 71029